Havel-Ankerflix damit Sie Ihre Lieben wieder sehen können

As elderly people and people with previous illnesses belong to the Covid-19 risk group, contact restrictions are particularly important for them. Many have therefore not seen their relatives for weeks. The result is a feeling of being cut off, of isolation.

The app addresses this problem with a video chat function that can be operated in a senior-friendly manner with just a few button presses. This allows families to talk together again and bridge the distance that will probably continue for weeks to come.

In addition, the app can also inform relatives about an emergency at the touch of a button, which means even more security.

Ankerflix is part of the Hausnotruf Plus package. This package already includes the device and the connection costs. You do not have to worry about anything anymore.

On our home emergency call page können Sie sich ein Angebot für die App einholen und erhalten weitere Informationen.