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FAQ Inventar-Manager

Frequently asked questions about the Inventar Manager (FAQ)

In our FAQ Inventory Manager you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. Where can I get the inventory manager?

In the Apple AppStore or on GooglePlay!

To use the Inventar-Manager, you first need to install the app on your mobile phone. Your registration/login will then also be set up there.
App Store Apple
Google Play Store

If you would like to use the Inventory Manager on your PC as well, you can book web access in the app.

2. How do I get a login/user?

To get a login you have to purchase WebSync in the in-app purchases. A registration mask will then open. There you can register and get a user. This will give you access data to all platforms of the Inventar-Manager

3. Why can't I register again?

After entering the password incorrectly 3 times, your access will be blocked for security reasons. If this has happened to you, please contact us by mail at . We will immediately unblock your account.

4. Is it possible to edit my inventory on a PC?

Es gibt die Möglichkeit, zusätzlich einen Web-Zugriff einzurichten. Sie können dann auch von einem PC unter inventar.pfitconsult.de Ihr Inventar bearbeiten und pflegen. Dazu gehen Sie ganz einfach in Ihrer App auf die Einstellungen und wählen dort Web-Zugriff kaufen.

5. How does the synchronisation work?

If the web access function has been purchased for the PC, the data will be stored in our company cloud. The data is then retrieved from the cloud by the devices used. This makes it possible that all devices on which you work with the app have the same working state.

6. Where is my data stored?

Your registered data are on our own server. This server is located in Germany and complies with the current data security and data protection guidelines. The Inventory Manager application runs in an encapsulated machine and the data is stored on an encrypted hard disk. Your registered inventory data is stored on your mobile phone. If you have web access, they are stored on the device and additionally on our server. The data is transferred using SSL encryption.

6.1 Is it possible to change the name of the database?
You cannot change the database name yourself. Please contact our support at inventar-manager@pfitconsult.de.

7. How is the data stored and secured?

Using the chosen database technology, Inventory Manager uses CouchDB, and can easily replicate the data for security and/or performance reasons. Using multiple computer nodes alone provides effective protection against data loss. In addition, a daily backup of the entire virtual machine is created and distributed to two separate locations.

8. I need one more field which is not included by default. How can I add it?

If a field that you need to describe your inventory does not yet exist, you can easily create it yourself. To do this, you need to go to the Categories menu. There you select the appropriate category and click on the blue "+" button which you can see below. Then you can choose the name you want your field to have. Additionally you can choose if the field should be a mandatory field and if it should be supported by barcode scanning.

9. My purchases already made are gone.

Sometimes it can happen, e.g. after an update, that your purchases are not included. Please go to the app's settings and click on the "Restore purchases" button at the bottom of the app.

Einstellungen Inventar Manager

Einstellungen Inventar Manager

Your purchases will then be checked and the data updated.

10. How can I delete an inventory entry again?

To delete an inventory item, you must move the item to the left. Then you get the options "copy" and "delete". Click on delete and your inventory item is deleted. This works the same way for categories.

11. Camera does not work in iOS 12.xx

In iOS 12, you need to enable access to the camera via Settings -> Inventar-Manager before using it.

12. How does the barcode scanner work?

Behind a barcode is a so-called EAN (European Article Number), which identifies the product. By scanning the barcode, this EAN is read and inserted into the "Google Shopping" search.

After the product is found in the search, the inventory is displayed in the app and can be created.

If no entry for this EAN is found in the "Google Shopping" search, no result is displayed in the app.

13. Detailed history of an inventory

This is possible with multiple users and a function of the Import/Export Service, which has to be done before inApp purchases.

Once this is done, you can go to your desired inventory, for example. Then tap on the QR code or the printer symbol at the top of the bar next to the Back button.

There you will see the history with the user, date and number.

14. Recommendation label printer

We recommend the Brother QL-720NW label printer.

It is a professional label printer for single and continuous labels, which can print labels with a width of 62 mm at 150 mm/sec. It can be integrated into a network via its USB, LAN or WLAN interface. Via WLAN, it can also be used with a smartphone/tablet.

15. How can all QR Codes be printed one after the other?

Currently, the Inventar-Manager does not yet include a function that allows the mass printing of QR codes.

This function will probably be available with our 2nd major update at the end of 2020.

16. How will the app be developed?

We have already received many suggestions for the further development of our app.

Among others the following:

  • Developing a company solution in which several different users can be created.
  • For this solution a possibility to limit the access of the users to their respective location.
  • A field that shows which user created the inventory item
  • Leave a signature for a loan transaction
  • Printing from mobile phone
  • The extension of the language package

And many more.

You are welcome to send us your own suggestions and wishes by e-mail or via the contact form of the inventory manager.

You can view the current function list here - Function list.

17. User documentation

Further information about the Inventar-Manager can be found here.

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