Mobile and efficient inventory manager for inventory & warehouse management

Advantages of the Havel-Inventar

Business & Home

You can use the Inventory Manager on the one hand as a business solution for your company and on the other hand to record your entire private household.

Offline function

Use Havel Inventory Manager on multiple devices with one account. The recorded data is synchronised between the devices. You are not dependent on a permanent online connection, but can also work offline from anywhere without worry.

Further development

We regularly develop our applications further. For example, we are currently developing a maintenance planner as an additional app for our inventory manager. Here you can read about the new functions and enhancements we have added with the next major update plan.

Ansicht Scan-App Inventar-Manager

Inventory & Analyses 

At the end of each fiscal year, almost all companies have to carry out an inventory. This is usually done manually and with great effort. To simplify your annual inventory, a new feature was added with the last update - the QR Code Scan App

You also have the option of creating various evaluations. For example, an evaluation of your total assets. These can then also be printed and used further.

QR-Code / Barcode

The use of barcodes makes data entry and searching faster and more reliable. This saves valuable time and also eliminates manual data entry errors. 

In addition, printing out the QR code makes it more convenient to record items.

QR-Code Scan Inventar-Manager
Ansicht Benutzerverwaltung Inventar-Manager

User administration

It is possible to create additional users for an active database with different user roles. This means, for example, that both purchasing staff and colleagues from the warehouse department can log on to the Inventory Manager. So they both can access, record and maintain the products.

Likewise, users can not only open one database per account, but also create several inventory lists. This is an advantage if the user wants to distinguish between several companies or does not want to mix business with private.

Room planner

Standardmäßig werden die inventarisierten Gegenstände einem Ort zugewiesen. Dieser Ort kann je nach inventarisiertem Gut ein Ort, ein Raum, ein Regal oder eine Box sein. Diesem Ort kann ein Lageplan, Grundriss oder sonstige Zeichnung zugewiesen werden. Dabei kann man Bitmap- oder Vektorgrafiken verwenden.

Auf dieser Grafik wird das Inventar einem Platz zugewiesen, welcher dann auch permanent gespeichert ist.

Room planer

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