Project start of the Molkenmarkt construction project with the HAVEL-Cloud project server

HAVEL-Cloud - High Availability Vault Extendet Level
Data protection compliant, secure and everything under control

The HAVEL Cloud is an easy-to-use and extremely effective tool for communicating with customers, partners and employees. Furthermore, efficient workflows and simplified collaboration significantly improve business processes.


In the age of fast, paperless communication, the exchange of information via email is increasing more and more. But this transmission is often not secure.

There are also repeated warnings against the use of legally flawed video conferencing services. Many leading video service providers are given a "red light" by data protection authorities. These systems have deficiencies that preclude the legally compliant use of the service.

To ensure the security of your data, our server is located in a German data centre. The storage is data protection compliant and encrypted. The server is fail-safe and highly available.

File exchange

The HAVEL Cloud offers a simple, secure and convenient way to exchange confidential documents with customers, partners and other external parties. In addition, you can also edit the documents together.

Customers and partners can access your data and documents regardless of location and at any time via a standard app, an integrated external drive or conveniently via web browser. At the same time, you can upload your own data and documents. Synchronisation is possible on different end devices.


In addition to editing a document together, comments can also be added directly to the document.

For an even faster exchange, the HAVEL Cloud offers a chat for message exchange.