HAVEL - Our new product family

The variability and connection of different components and services is our concept in the development of our new product family. Through the possibility of combining our products, customer-specific projects can be implemented and expanded.

Within the framework of various projects, we have created some software products in recent years, some of which have been very successful. Essentially, these are the emergency call, inventory management and services around process description. This year we are further developing these products into a product family.

For the Havel-Broker, this development already started last year. The Havel-Broker uses the Havel-Inventar app for data storage of the Iot devices and the Havel-Spatial Plan for displaying the device layout on the premises or in the building. 

The room plan is also used to provide the maintenance staff with directions to the unit via route planner and AR room display. The Havel-Wartung app provides information, instructions and checklists for the operation and maintenance or repair of the units.

As far as possible and reasonable, all other apps and software products will be further coordinated with each other.

This integration will take place on another level. On the basis of a portal that will contain all apps, the same services such as user administration or document management will be outsourced to the Havel Cloud.

Components of the Havel product family

Inventar-Manager auf verschiedenen Geräten



  • Havel-Dialog (Videokonferenzsystem)
IoT Server



  • Havel-Prozess
    (Create BPMN diagrams and simulate processes)

Central Services (backup, monitoring, speech analysis, speech recognition)

Havel Cloud