HITS home emergency call centre:
AI-supported innovation in care

Pilot partners wanted

We are currently looking for care services that are interested in testing our HITS home emergency call e-centre including the new AI functions. During the test phase, you will of course not incur any costs, and afterwards we will grant you a 50% discount for the first year. This test phase is crucial for us in order to test the new functions under real conditions and identify any errors. Care services that are interested in participating are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Communication optimisation through AI for home emergency calls

In a world characterised by technological advances, the HITS home emergency call control centre from PF IT Consult GmbH is revolutionising home emergency calls with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative solution not only offers safety and convenience for patients and care facilities, but also seamlessly integrates advanced AI functions. These include the conversion of spoken language into text and real-time language translation, which effectively relieves carers of time-consuming administrative tasks. This allows carers to concentrate on caring for their patients, taking care to a new level.

Voice to text conversion: Our AI technology supports communication between all parties involved. Spoken messages or enquiries are automatically converted into text in real time. This facilitates communication and ensures that no important information is lost.

Real-time language translation: Based on the real-time translation of the spoken word, the HITS home emergency call e-centre offers an AI-supported solution that enables care services to communicate easily with patients in different native languages and caregivers from different backgrounds. This innovative function enables barrier-free communication, regardless of language.

Innovations for 2024

Easier system changeover: There are a number of challenges when switching to a new system. These include transferring data from the old system to the new application, training employees who need to familiarise themselves with a new interface and processes, and making the application available on servers and all end devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.
HITS HausnotrufDEzentrale has already automated the server installation since the first release and enabled easy access for users via apps or web browsers.

Thanks to the AI integration, the first two challenges for the customer are now also significantly simplified. The development and provision of a digital assistant supports both data migration and the use of the application, making the process considerably easier.

Extended interfaces: The latest version will provide extended interfaces to enable seamless integration with other applications. These include the connection of accounting systems via a DATEV interface, the transfer of services to care documentation systems and the transfer or synchronisation of master data from accounting and documentation systems. This avoids multiple entries and redundant data storage. The interface package also includes integration into other portals in which, for example, SIM cards and other technical details for the home emergency call devices are managed.

Health data recording: We are going one step further in the direction of preventive care. The HITS home emergency call D-centre will enable the recording and monitoring of health data such as blood sugar, blood pressure and other important parameters. This information is recorded in real time and can be used by carers to improve care and adapt treatment plans.

The future of care with AI

The integration of AI into the HITS home emergency call E-centre marks a significant step into the future of care. Our advanced technologies make the work of care services easier and at the same time increase the quality of care, which in turn leads to increased satisfaction among patients and their relatives.

Sustainability and data security

All data is stored locally and the AI instance works autonomously, which prevents unauthorised data leakage.

We operate our own data centre with two separate server rooms in our office building in Brandenburg an der Havel. This means that all services offered, including the self-trained AI model, are provided locally.

A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof four years ago. In addition to a large battery storage system, further solar modules were added vertically on the wall of the building. As a result, our IT systems are largely emission-free.

Altenpflege 2024: Experience the future

We cordially invite you to discover our latest developments and innovations at Altenpflege 2024. The HITS care home emergency call centre stands for a future in which care is not only safer, but also smarter and more effective.