HITS home emergency call centre

Flexible and decentralised home emergency call centre for care

Are you looking for a solution that both makes your nursing staff work more efficiently and relieves them of a considerable amount of work? Do you want to make on-site care more humane and also provide your patients with an outstanding service?

The innovative, mobile home emergency call centre from PF IT Consult GmbH ensures that digital progress finally arrives where it serves people most: in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and at home.

The aim of our HITS home emergency call centre is to ensure direct, fast and reliable emergency call transmission. The patient’s emergency call is transmitted straight to the smartphones of the emergency responders and caregivers. For this reason, we also call our home emergency call centre a decentralised centre. Depending on the application scenario, the emergency call can nevertheless be sent in parallel or with a time delay to a control centre (central workstation, external emergency call centre as backup or outside office hours).

Advantages of the HITS home emergency call system

The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, the nursing staff always has the smartphone with them. In addition, the application can be operated intuitively thanks to a reduced range of functions and can also be put into operation quickly and easily. The home emergency call centre has a uniform design on the PC, the smartphone (Android & Apple iOS) and the tablet. Technical error messages can be sent directly to technical support without unnecessarily distracting the caregivers.

Only the core functions are displayed on the screen. Additional necessary functions are only offered for processing if required and correspondingly configured after being stored.

This ensures that your nursing staff responds to your patients’ emergency calls within the shortest possible time and that waiting times are drastically reduced. Groupings (spatial, care-specific) and escalation levels are integrated for different deployment scenarios. This allows a situation-dependent and targeted decision to be made according to local or temporal availability as to which nurse receives the incoming emergency call. Of course, all relevant activities are automatically logged.

Interfaces & Extensions

Despite the lean functional scope, many other features can be integrated into the HITS home emergency call system thanks to a flexible configuration – precisely tailored to your needs.

  • Flexibly configurable for alarm management, alerting and escalation
  • Highly available operation by design
    (in-house or cloud 24 h / 7 days)
  • Available for all end devices
    (Linux, Windows, Mac, smartphone and tablet)
    -> Emergency call acceptance possible from home and on the road
  • All important information at a glance in the event of an alarm
  • Alarm triggered by emergency call device or
  • automatically by hazard detector
  • Automatic recognition of alarm type
  • Open architecture and interfaces to other systems
  • Connection of additional services possible
  • Technical device status with escalation
  • Own app for relatives including location transmission

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