HITS Maintenance Manager

Efficient management of service and maintenance work

Using the HITS maintenance manager, necessary service and maintenance work as well as inspection procedures on stored items (inventory items / assets) can be created from the HITS inventory manager.

For this purpose, checklists and cycles are linked to one-off or periodic tasks.

  • Several checklists can be combined into one common checklist.
  • Exceptions can be made to selected inventory items for each subtask.
  • Each checklist entry can be commented on individually.
  • A new checklist/task can be created from a checklist entry.

In addition, the maintenance manager can be linked to a HITS helpdesk project.

The helpdesk functionality includes

  • Contact management
  • E-mail communication about the ticket with colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • Ticket reference
  • Furthermore, tickets can be created in the Helpdesk that automatically create ad-hoc checklists in the Maintenance Manager.
    • The created ticket is then synchronised with the activities.
Wartungsmanager Aufgaben


The maintenance manager allows you to manage tasks assigned to the individual inventory. These include, among others:

  • cyclical inspection tasks, e.g.
    • electrical inspection of machines, devices, plugs and supply lines or
    • checking fire detectors, fire extinguishers and the fire alarm system
  • periodically repeating tasks, e.g.
    • data backup or
    • preventive or compulsory maintenance work on equipment and machinery
    • Routine checks of the vehicle fleet

Templates & Cycles

You have the option of using templates you have created yourself, logging services (with document upload and personal signature) and invoicing.

In the event of errors, you can store repetitions and, in the case of cyclical appointments, a new appointment is generated after completion of the current work.

Wartungsmanager Zyklus
Wartung Zyklus erstellen
Wartung Filter
Wartungsmanager TAGS

Filters & tags

The individual tasks and appointments can be displayed in an overview for resource planning, for example, and filtered according to various criteria.

In a short time, a lot of entries come together. To avoid losing the overview, you can colour-code the checklists, templates and tasks or provide them with additional attributes (tags). Of course, you can also use these tags for filtering.

Interfaces of the maintenance manager

The maintenance planner has several interfaces out of the box. These include seamless integration into the HITS inventory manager so that tasks can be assigned to the inventory. They can then also be clearly displayed per inventory.

Furthermore, there are interfaces for monitoring applications such as checkmk, so tasks can be generated from error states of the monitoring software.

Furthermore, a separate HITS Cloud instance can be linked in the maintenance manager. This can be used to store and manage any documents/files. These can be, for example, instructions or test protocols. At the same time, all office documents are duplicated as PDFs (searchable) in archive format.

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