HITS Inventory Manager
Mobile and efficient inventory manager for inventory & warehouse management.

Advantages of the Inventory Manager

Business & Home

You can use the Inventory Manager as a business solution for your company on the one hand and to record your entire private household on the other.

Offline function

Use Inventarmanager on several devices with one account. The recorded data is synchronised between the devices. You are not dependent on a permanent online connection, but can also work offline from anywhere with no worries.

Further development

We regularly develop our applications further. For this purpose, we are constantly in contact with our customers regarding smaller bug fixes or suggestions for improvements in the operation.

Since recently, we have also published another app in the stores – the HITS maintenance manager, which serves as an extension to the mobile and efficient inventory manager.

Inventar Scan-App
Inventar Auswertung

Taking inventory

At the end of each business year, almost all companies have to take inventory. This is usually done manually and with a lot of effort. To carry out your annual inventory efficiently, the Inventory Scan app has been integrated. With it, you can easily search, add and edit inventory details.

Create evaluations

You also have the option to create various evaluations. For example, an evaluation of your total assets. These can then also be printed or exported as a CSV file.

Barcode search

The use of barcodes makes data entry and searching faster and more reliable. This saves valuable time and also eliminates manual input errors.

In addition, printing out the QR code makes it more convenient to record items.

Erinnerung Lagerbestand

Stock management

If the inventory manager is also used for stock management, the stock can be reduced or increased by a predefined number when an operation is created.

To do this, you can create your own operations or use the ones we have defined (e.g. Lent, Sold, Repaired etc.).

Push messages

In addition, you have the option of receiving notifications when, for example, the value of an inventory falls below a minimum level.

If the value of an inventory falls below a predefined minimum stock level, a push message is sent to the selected persons. In this way, supplies can be ordered in good time, which is particularly important in view of the current omnipresent supply problems.

You are an important customer – and equally important to us is your opinion. We ask for a few minutes of your time and honest answers to better adapt our service and the inventory manager to your wishes and, above all, to you.

Hier können Sie die App kostenfrei downloaden

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Would you like to learn more about the HITS Inventory Manager? Then simply contact us.

We are also happy to receive requests and suggestions for improvements for the next updates at inventar-manager@pfitconsult.de.