DIN SPEC 27076

IT security consulting according to the new DIN SPEC 27076 with Cyber Risk Check

What is DIN SPEC 27076 Security Consulting?

DIN 27076 is a new IT security consultancy for small and micro enterprises with a cyber risk check based on it.

The CyberRisk-Check is used by IT service providers to provide industry-independent and needs-based consulting.

Advantages of DIN SPEC 27076

The security of one’s own IT infrastructure and data is of enormous importance for medium-sized businesses. For small companies in particular, it is often difficult to take the first step due to a lack of time and personnel. The new DIN SPEC 27076 provides a remedy.

Unlike other standards, which are often very extensive and expensive to implement, DIN SPEC 27076 takes a practical approach. It offers small and micro enterprises orientation, comparability and transparency. With the cyber risk check, small companies can quickly and cost-effectively obtain an overview of their current cyber security situation and implement concrete recommendations for action to minimize the most important risks.

By applying DIN SPEC 27076, a quality standard can be demonstrated and thus an advantage can be gained on the market. DIN 27076 is a new IT security consultancy for small and micro enterprises with a cyber risk check based on it.

CyberRisk-Check – An overview of your IT security in the shortest possible time

Procedure of a DIN Spec 27076 security consultation

DIN Spec 27076 Sicherheitsberatung

Topics Cyber Risk Check

Organization & Awareness

Looks at management commitment, as well as the distribution of competencies and awareness among employees

Identity & Authorization Management

Regulates access and entry permissions for physical and virtual premises

Data backup

Describes responsibility, scope, frequency & availability of data and its backups.

Patch & Change Management

Checks the availability and up-to-dateness of hardware and software used.

Protection from malware

Addresses the main gateways for malware.

IT Systems & Networks

Defines the security mechanisms behind the information and communication technology used.

What happens after the risk check?

You can use the advisory report and the weaknesses it identifies to implement the recommendations for action. If necessary, the cyber risk check should be performed again afterwards to verify correct implementation.

DIN SPEC 2076 Security Consulting only checks an absolute minimum of requirements. IT security is an ongoing process and current risks must continue to be monitored.