Efficient stocktaking with the HITS Inventory Manager:
It's that easy!

Stocktaking is often a time-consuming and demanding task for companies. However, HITS Inventarmanager promises an innovative and efficient solution to optimise this process and minimise the administrative effort.

Here are the steps to carry out a hassle-free inventory with the help of the HITS Inventory Manager:

Step 1: Access to the HITS Inventory Manager

Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device or the App Store on your iOS device. Search for “HITS Inventarmanager” and download the app. The installation is automatic. If you would like to use the inventory management on both the PC and on different end devices, you can activate this function by purchasing one of the two subscriptions via in-app purchases.

If you require special customisations or an individual company solution, or would like support in managing multiple accounts, HITS Inventarmanager offers tailor-made packages on request. Click here to request a quote. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Step 2: Set up your inventory

After the successful download, you can set up your inventory effortlessly. Add your inventory items by entering item names, serial numbers, quantities and locations. The option to upload images makes identification easier. Alternatively, you can also add new items by scanning the barcode.

Step 3: Planning the inventory

Select a suitable date for the inventory. The HITS Inventory Manager supports you in planning by simplifying the coordination of participating employees and the allocation of authorisations.

Step 4: Carrying out the inventory

On the inventory day, the selected employees can use the HITS Inventory Manager to make the process easier. The integrated inventory scan app enables inventory items to be scanned easily using a QR code or NFC tag. This minimises the manual entry effort and significantly reduces the risk of errors.

Step 5: Review and update

As soon as an inventory item has been scanned, you can adjust details such as the location and quantity directly in the app. Real-time updating ensures that your inventory is always up to date.

Inventur mit der Inventar-Scan-App

The HITS Inventory Manager also allows you to create detailed and customised analyses to give you a comprehensive overview of your inventory.


The integrated scan app in HITS Inventarmanager makes stocktaking much easier. It offers a quick and precise way to scan inventory items, adjust locations and update stock figures. Use this intelligent function to optimise your processes and save time. Find out more about the HITS Inventory Manager here.