Our emergency call services and applications

In addition to the stationary home emergency call, we are continuously expanding the offer with several components. The individual services are being introduced with the Jedermann Gruppe e.V. as pilots. After an extensive test phase, these will then also be available to other care services.

One current project, for example, is the mobile app for participants, which works with any modern smartphone. Furthermore, additional devices such as fire and smoke detectors are integrated into the home emergency call for increased security and comfort.

This means more flexibility and more deployment options for you and a better sense of security for your participants. In addition, the new offer will in future also enable you to notify relatives as a priority or in parallel. In this way, the emergency call app can also be used for other participant groups, such as field workers, athletes, children, etc.

At notruf.pfitconsult.dyou can put together an individual offer or find out about current offers.

Components of our Havel-Notruf service

In the following we have provided you with further information on some selected topics.

With the introduction of the home emergency call app, the home emergency call centre is expanded to include a decentralised service. This is, so to speak, the control centre for on the move. For example, care staff can move freely in the building or on the premises and receive the emergency call directly on their smartphone. More about our Home Emergency Centre.

Advice, conception and implementation of your care projects. More about our services.

The demand for the mobile home emergency call is growing. For all people who are dependent on a home emergency call and who are mobile, the stationary home emergency call is often not sufficient. Read more about our Hausnotruf-App.

In addition to the enhancements for your safety through the mobile home emergency call and the introduction of new sensors, we are working on further improvements that will increase your safety and comfort. For example, we are currently completing our home emergency call app with integrated voice recognition so that you can also activate the emergency call by voice. This means that, for example, the command "Everyone home emergency call" spoken into the smartphone will be sufficient to activate the emergency call.

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The home emergency call service consists of many individual components, of which you will not notice much. However, 3 factors are decisive for a good service quality. Therefore, the nursing service cooperates closely with the technical services, the device manufacturers and the line providers (fixed and mobile network).

We work closely with service providers and manufacturers in the field of home emergency call (devices and service) in order to offer you the optimal solution.