FAQ HITS Inventory Manager – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ HITS Inventarmanager & HITS Wartungsmanager

Frequently asked questions about the Inventory Manager.

In our HITS Inventory Manager FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


1.1 Where can I get the HITS Inventory Manager?

The app is available in the App Store or on Google Play!

If you want to use your inventory on the PC as well as edit it on different devices, it is necessary to purchase one of the two subscriptions via in-app purchases.

If you like the Inventory Manager but need customization, want a corporate solution, need support creating multiple accounts, or are a non-profit, we’re happy to provide a quote defined for you after consultation. Click here to go to the quote request.

1.2 How much does HITS Inventory Manager cost?

We offer a Starter subscription, as well as a Professional subscription. You can find them under In-App Purchases.

The Starter subscription costs 9,99€ per month and 99,99€ per year.

It includes web access, sync between devices, 2 additional users after you create your main account, 300 inventories, barcode entry, operations and import/export.

The Professional subscription costs €19.99 per month and €199.99 per year.

It includes all the features of the Starter subscription + the unlimited creation of inventory, as well as users and the possibility to print multiple labels.

1.3 How secure is my data?

The Inventory Manager stores your data (if a subscription has been purchased) in a distributed CouchDB database. Among other things, this enables smooth support and synchronous access to different end devices. The database is located on a server in our own office building. The server room is secured and monitored by cameras. We thus comply with the current guidelines for data security and data protection.

The HITS Inventarmanager application runs in an isolated environment.

Your captured inventory data is stored both on your device and on our server after you create an account.

In addition, multiple backups of the environment are created daily and backed up to different locations. This virtually eliminates the possibility of losing your data.

1.4 Will the app be developed further?

The HITS Inventory Manager is continuously extended with new functions requested by our customers.

If an error occurs in the operation of the app, it will of course be fixed as soon as possible.

We welcome your own ideas and suggestions, which you are welcome to send us by e-mail or via the support function of the inventory manager.

You can see the current list of available functions here – Function list.

1.5 Documentation and user videos
1.6 Can the app be used offline?

The app can also be used without an internet connection. As soon as you reconnect to the Internet, your changes will be synchronized with our server so that the same status is available on all devices.


2.1 How do I create an account?

To get a login, you must first purchase a subscription in the in-app purchases. After successful purchase the registration mask opens. There you can now enter your data of the main account. After confirming the form, you are directly logged in with your account and can edit your inventory from other devices.

Another way to purchase an account would be the quote request. There we can create a suitable offer for your project and set up the required accounts, so that you only have to register at the end.

2.2 How does the synchronization work?

After your registration, your data will be stored in our in-house cloud. This cloud is a highly available storage cluster that has been additionally extended by an external node in a secured building.

The devices you use then access your data from the cloud. This ensures that all devices on which you use the app always have the same current work status.

2.3 How do I change multiple inventories?

For example, suppose you want to assign a person’s inventory to another room when changing offices. To do this, go to this person’s inventory and select the “Edit” option, which is accessible by the three dots in the upper right corner next to the filter icon. Here you have the option to make changes for this person’s entire inventory, such as location or room.

This functionality is also available to edit the inventory in a specific category, location or from a specific merchant.

2.4 How can I add another category field?

If a required field for describing your inventory does not exist yet, you have the possibility to create it on your own.

To do this, go to the “Categories” tab. There you select the relevant category and click on “Edit category”, followed by clicking on the “+” button at the bottom. Now you can select the name of the field as well as the field type.

If you want this field to be displayed also in the result list under “Inventory” or during the search, you can activate the “In hit list” option.

Once you have performed these steps, this new field will also be displayed in the overview of your inventory.

2.5 How can I delete an inventory entry again?

To remove an item from the inventory, you can proceed as follows:

Slide or swipe the item in question to the left. This will show you the “Copy” and “Delete” options. Select the “Delete” option. After confirmation, the item will be removed from your inventory.

This procedure also works when deleting categories or other items.

2.6 How does the barcode scanner work?

Behind a barcode is a so-called EAN (European Article Number), which is used to uniquely identify a product. When a barcode is scanned, the associated data is retrieved and filtered via a fee-based professional platform. Once the product is found in the search results list, the corresponding inventory is displayed in the app and can be created.

Please note: The barcode scanning function is only available after purchasing a subscription.

2.7 Detailed history of an inventory.

After you have purchased a subscription, you can access the inventory. Then click on either the QR code or the printer icon in the top toolbar.

Here you have the option to print a history or save it as a PDF.

2.8 Which label printer can I use?

We recommend the Brother QL-720NW as a label printer, as well as the Brother PT-E550WVP.

About the Brother QL-720NW: This is a professional label printer for single and continuous labels, which can print labels with a width of 62 mm at 150 mm/sec. It can be integrated into a network via its USB, LAN or WLAN interface. Via WLAN, use via smartphone/tablet is also possible.

We have been using the printer for several years now.

We have also had the new Brother PT-E550WVP for over a year now, and it uses the same consumables, so it has been perfect for us. However, you can’t print directly from your tablet with this one, only via Brother’s own software.

Basically any label printer will go, you can make the settings in the respective printer software or directly on the device.

2.9 How can I print multiple QR codes?

If you tap on “Inventory” in the navigation and then on the top right on the 3 dots next to the filter icon, a window opens. There you then tap on “Print labels”, now you have the option to search for inventory, which is then displayed in the lower part at “Selected inventory”.

Once you have selected all the products for which you want to print a QR code, continue to click to choose the format and style, then click on “Go to design”. Here you now have the option to add more fields to the label. Once you are done with the selection, tap on Generate PDF.

Important note: This feature is only available for users with the Pro subscription.

Furthermore, you can also use the CSV export to print the QR codes of your entire inventory or, for example, only the inventory of a specific category/location, etc. in order to subsequently integrate this into an already existing printer software. To do this, click on the 3 dots at the top right of the respective area and then on “CSV-EXPORT”. Now select the desired fields and click on “Export data”.

2.10. How can I upload documents via files (IOS only)?

If you have an Apple device, you can upload documents via the “Files” app. To do this, go to the “Files” app on your iPhone or iPad. Then select “On my iPhone” and open the “Inventory Manager” folder.

You can move or scan documents to this folder (via the “3 dots top right” option). Then tap on the document. This will open the Inventory Manager and you can view the document and assign it to an inventory.

2.11. How do I create rooms to the site and display the inventory for it?

To create a room for a specific location, follow these steps:

  1. Tap “Locations” in the navigation.
  2. Select the desired location for which you want to create a room.
  3. Tap on “Edit location”.
  4. Use the blue “+” at the bottom right to add a new room.
  5. Enter a name for the room and tap “Save” in the upper right.

After the room is created and you have added inventory items, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Go to “Locations.”
  2. Select the desired location.
  3. Tap “Please select a location” at the top and select the room you want to view and edit.
2.12. Can I change the name of the database?

The main user who created the database has the permission to change the name of the database via the “Settings” -> “Database” option.

As soon as this change is made, it is automatically adopted by the other users as well.

2.13. How can I create messages?

Messages can be created either directly in the inventory details or in the categories (by editing the category).

How to create a message:

  1. Click on the “Messages” button.
  2. A window will open displaying messages that have already been created.
  3. You can create a new message using the “+” icon.
  4. Another window will open that needs to be filled out.
  5. Here you have the possibility to select to whom the message should be sent, which field should be checked and which message should be displayed in the push notification.

This feature allows you to send targeted messages to specific recipients and customize the notification information.

2.14. How do I delete and edit messages?

You can delete messages that have already been sent, for example, via the “Messages” tab at the bottom of the toolbar.

You can delete messages that are still open via the list, which is located in the inventory details > “Messages”. Swipe to the left until you see the “Delete” button.

To edit a message, simply tap on it in the list just mentioned.

2.15. How can I create or delete operations?

You can create a transaction for a specific inventory on your cell phone by swiping the inventory to the right (if you swipe to the left, you will find the “Copy” and “Delete” buttons).

Now tap on “Transaction”, then a popup window opens in which you select a transaction (sold, lent or e.g. also self-created).

Now you can select the date, the number and the person, as well as add a comment.

For the number, you have a selection range from -10 to +10. This means, for example, if you select the transaction Sold and select -1 as the number, the number of the inventory will be reduced by 1.

You can find the created operations for the inventory in the inventory details at the very bottom.

If you drag an operation to the left, a red delete button will appear.

By confirming this, you delete the created operation from the history.

2.16. How do I import multiple people?

To import several persons, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch to the “People” tab.
  2. Tap on the “+” symbol and then select the CSV icon.
  3. In the CSV file, you can also directly enter and upload groups of people.

It is recommended to first perform an export of the currently saved persons so that you know what the CSV file should look like. You can start the export by clicking the CSV icon in the upper right corner.

Note: You can also use the same way to export and import traders.

2.17. Can I customize evaluations?

Yes, this is possible. Using the “Edit” icon on the right, you can select the fields to be displayed in the evaluation.

Click on the icon and select the desired fields. After that you have the option to download the evaluation as PDF or CSV (via the corresponding icons on the top right).

2.18. How to move single inventory to another database

To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired inventory.
  2. Create a new operation by selecting “Move to database”.
  3. Select the new database and locate one of the previously created categories in the new database.
2.19. How do I delete a category, dealer, etc.?

To delete a category, a merchant or, for example, a location, proceed as follows:

  1. Drag or swipe the object in question to the left.
  2. The “Delete” option will now be displayed. Tap on this option to remove the object.

In addition to the above steps, you also have the option to copy categories.

2.20. How do I create my own defaults/presets?

To set your own default values for specific fields, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Select “Inventory Default”.
  3. Click on “Create” on the right.
  4. A window will open where you can select the field you want.
  5. Once you have selected the field, you can enter the value for it.
2.21. How do I transfer data to another database?

To transfer data from one database to another, you must first be the owner of the currently selected database.

Once that is the case, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “Database.”
  2. There you will find the “Transfer database” option. Tap on it.
  3. A modal will open where you can make your selection for the source and destination database.
  4. In addition, you have the option to select whether the database should be deleted after the transfer.
2.22. How do I create another user?

To create a new user, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the “Settings” and select “Create new user”.
  2. An input mask will open where you have to enter the data for the new user.
  3. After you have entered the data, you will find the new user under “Created users” in the settings.

Please note: If you have the Starter subscription, you can only create 2 additional users.

2.23. How can I create or customize user roles?

To create a new user role, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Created users”. Please note that to create a user role, you must first create a user.
  2. In the upper area you will see the “User Roles” field. On the right side there is the “+” button. Tap on it to create a new role.
  3. Give the role a name and adjust the desired permissions. For example, you can create a “Read only” role with the “Read only” permission. Or a role that is not allowed to see certain pages. You can then specify these settings using the page options.

To assign the role you just created to a user, tap on the empty field next to the user name under the respective database. This will open a drop-down menu where you can select your created role.

If you want to delete a user role, simply swipe it to the left and then tap Delete.

2.24. How can I change the database?

If you have purchased another database, you can select it under Settings > Active database.

Then the data of the new database will be synchronized.

2.25. Can I search for a specific field?

If you want to search specifically for a certain field, for example from a category, you can do this using the inventory search. Type an “@” sign in the search field. Wait a moment and all the available fields you can search for will be displayed.

You can also type the name of the field directly after the “@” sign, followed by a colon and the desired value of the field you want to search for.

Example: @length:100cm

2.26. How do I delete display images?

To delete an inventory image, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the inventory details of the corresponding inventory.
  2. Click the button with the three dots to the right of “Select photo”.
  3. A menu will open. There select the “Delete Photo” option to remove the image from this inventory.

You can use the same procedure to remove images of categories, merchants, people, etc.

2.27. How do I upload documents to an inventory?

To add documents such as invoices to an inventory, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the details of the corresponding inventory.
  2. Scroll down to the “Select document” section.
  3. Click on this option to open the file manager on your device. Here you can upload the desired document.

To delete a document again, simply drag it to the left. This will bring up a red “Delete” button that you can then click.

2.28. How do I create subcategories and add them to the inventory?

To create a subcategory, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the “Categories” tab.
  2. Click the “+” icon as if you were creating a normal category.
  3. Under the category name you will see the “Create subcategory” option. Click on it and create the desired fields.

To add an inventory to a subcategory, do the following:

  1. Go to the details of the respective inventory.
  2. Click on the “+” icon at the top next to the category.
  3. You now have the option to choose between the main category and the subcategory.

This allows you a better division and overview in the input mask.

2.29. How do I search for an inventory?

The inventory search is available in the “Inventory”, “Categories”, “Merchants”, “Locations” and “People” sections.

Using the search, you can search for all values that you have previously added to the respective inventory, including any custom fields you have created.

Additionally, you have the option to search and filter for specific fields, as described in FAQ item 2.25.

2.30. How do I set an inventory inactive or lock it?

To assign a specific state to an inventory, proceed as follows:

  1. Create an operation for the desired inventory. You can use an existing operation or create a new one.
  2. Make sure that the selected operation has the “Set the inventory inactive” or “Lock inventory for period” option enabled.

To configure these options:

  1. Go to “Settings” and select “Edit operations”.
  2. Select the appropriate operation.
  3. In the operation settings, you can enable the “Set the inventory inactive” or “Lock inventory for period” options.

If you select an operation with the “Set the inventory inactive” option and assign an inventory to this operation, this inventory will be displayed in the “Inactive inventory” section.

If you select the “Lock inventory for period” operation, you can set a period of time during which editing the inventory is not possible.

2.31. How do I create my own evaluations?

To create your own evaluations, follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the “Evaluation” tab.
  2. Click on the “+” icon in the upper right corner to create a new evaluation.
  3. A dialog box will open where you can enter the title, inventory field, condition and check value. For example: display all inventories where the number is greater than 5.
  4. Select the columns to be displayed in the evaluation.
  5. If you need several filters for your evaluation, you can add them using the “Add filter” button and then save it.
  6. After saving, the evaluation will be displayed in the general overview and can be downloaded, just like the already existing evaluations.
2.32. Can I store my own QR codes?

Yes, since the latest update this is possible. To deposit your own QR code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the inventory for which you want to deposit your own QR code.
  2. Click on “Actions” under the QR code.
  3. Select the “Edit” action.
  4. Enter your QR code number either by scanning or manually typing it into the appropriate field.
  5. After saving, the QR code will be updated in the inventory details.
  6. Now when you scan your own QR code, either using the search function or a QR scanning app, the associated inventory will be displayed.

You can use the same action for QR codes of locations, dealers, etc.


3.1 Is it possible to edit my inventory on the PC?

If you have purchased a subscription and registered, you can log in at inventar.pfitconsult.de with your login data to edit your inventory in the browser on the PC as well.

Important note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported by us!

3.2 Problems inventory manager on the web

If the inventory manager no longer loads in your browser or nothing happens after clicking on a certain page, etc., you need to clear your browser cache. For this purpose, the following instructions for the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.


  1. Click on the three dots at the top right and select “more tools”, then navigate to “developer tools”. (Alternatively, F12 or right-click and select “Investigate”).
  2. Now click on the “Refresh” button of the browser (top left) and hold down the left mouse button until a selection menu appears.
  3. Select the “Clear cache and refresh completely” option there.
    You can now close the developer tools again.


  1. In Firefox, click on the three bars at the top right and navigate to the settings.
  2. On the left you will find the item “Privacy and Security”, look for “Cookies and Website Data” there.
  3. There click on the button “Manage data” and look for the inventory manager or pfitconsult.de.
  4. Use “Remove selected” to delete the cache of this page.

Problems and errors

4.1 Why can't I log in anymore?

After four consecutive incorrect password entries, your access will be blocked for security reasons. If this has happened to you, please contact us by email at inventar-manager@pfitconsult.de or use the support function of the Inventory Manager.

In your message, please include the username or email address associated with your account. This will allow us to identify and unlock your account in the database.

4.2 My already made purchases are gone.

If you find that your purchased data has disappeared, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the navigation and select “In-App Purchases”.
  2. Tap “Restore Purchases” at the top.
    This will check your purchases and update the data.

If no data is found, make sure that you are logged into the respective store with the correct account.

If the purchases still don’t show up, please contact our support team, either through the support function in the app, by email, or by phone. We will be happy to help you.

4.3 Why can't I import my CSV file?

Before you import your own CSV file, we recommend that you first perform an export to see how the CSV file is structured.

If you have customized your own CSV file and still have difficulties importing it, it could be due to the format or character set (encoding).

We use the Western (Windows Latin 1) format as this is the most widely used Excel standard. Make sure that your CSV file format and encoding are compatible with this standard.

You have not found the right answer? Then please feel free to contact us.

You can find more information about the inventory manager here.