HITS Security Manager

Rapid support for indispensable Measures for more IT security

Hand on heart: How well is your company prepared for crisis situations such as power outages or cyber attacks? What has long sounded to us like the plot of a gloomy science fiction thriller is now reality. The energy crisis is fuelling concerns about widespread power and heating outages that could lead to severe consequences for unprepared businesses. In addition, the latest report on IT security in Germany by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) shows that the threat situation from cyber attacks is getting worse due to ongoing cybercrime, the Ukraine conflict and software vulnerabilities.


More than ever, companies need to take security measures seriously and be prepared for emergency situations down to the smallest detail. In this way, they can avoid cost-intensive consequential damage that, in the worst case, threatens their very existence. The HITS security manager helps your company to prepare for such situations quickly and professionally. You finally get an overview of the jungle of indispensable IT security measures so that you can …


… immediately improve your IT security.

… are well prepared for crisis situations such as power or heating failures.

… save time because complicated IT security training courses become superfluous.

IT security for your company: Easy to implement with the HITS Security Manager

It is essential for companies to be prepared for emergencies. In practice, however, many entrepreneurs know the problem of implementation: IT security projects are complex, resource-intensive, expensive, confusing and long-running. Courses on IT security can be time-consuming and overwhelming, and it is a long, arduous road to actual implementation. By then it may already be too late.

If you don’t want to take a long time to get started, but want to start right away with the implementation of concrete IT security measures, the HITS Security Manager is a simple tool that makes exactly this wish possible. The programme offers quick support in managing your company’s IT security systematically and clearly. It is based on the IT-Grundschutz of the BSI and its more than 1,000 building blocks, which are very complex and often difficult for companies to keep track of. Thanks to the HITS security manager, you get quick support for indispensable measures. With the checklist you can check, among other things:

  • Which systems absolutely must continue to run in the event of a power or heating failure?
  • Do the devices used have sufficient (access) protection and are they up to date?
  • Are backups of all data carried out regularly?
  • Are employees informed about the dangers of “phishing” and “social engineering”?
  • Is the effectiveness of the IT security measures regularly checked?

The HITS Security Manager at a glance

With the HITS Security Manager, you can start implementing IT security immediately without having to spend weeks familiarising yourself with the BSI’s complex IT-Grundschutz. The programme achieves usable results within a short period of time and transfers them into daily business practice in a comprehensible manner.

Advantages of the HITS Security Manager:

  • Little effort, gigantic benefit: The programme is ready to start immediately and provides concrete instructions for action to optimise your IT security after a short time.
  • Comprehensive protection: HITS Security Manager provides you with a complete framework that gives you the confidence to secure the system against threats according to the state of the art and, in the event of a failure (partial or full), is able to quickly restore working order.
  • Part of a complementary product family that is ideally matched to each other: the security manager has an interface to the
    • HITS inventory manager
      Assets that need to be protected are synchronised directly from the inventory manager. No double entry is necessary.
    • Security modules are assigned to the inventory. As a result, nothing is forgotten or lost.
      Necessary measures are generated automatically.
    • HITS Maintenance Manager
      Individual action items such as the daily tape backup can be delegated as a task to the responsible employee.
      The tasks can also be created as a ticket in the
    • HITS Helpdesk.
      Already created contacts such as inspectors, safety officers etc. can be synchronised.
    • HITS Cloud
      Necessary documents such as inspection reports, instructions, etc. can be stored and linked.